AntiMatter Games is the largest Game Development Studio in the South West region of the UK, based in beautiful Falmouth, Cornwall. We are a passionate group of game loving, beachgoing people looking to deliver games of the highest quality without sacrificing a culture which allows our team to feel like our place of work is our second home.

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We are lucky enough to be only a few minutes from the beach and on an evening, weekend or even a morning before work you might find team members meeting to kayak, go fishing or perhaps more traditionally, have a few beers overlooking the ocean. Team socials are a regular feature, and come in the form of anything from team breakfasts to pub crawls. We try to make the most our location, and it’s not everywhere you can enjoy a beach BBQ! We come from a very diverse set of backgrounds, from former modders to AAA and everything in between. Some of our team are fresh from University, others are veterans with families; indeed we have a lot of team members with families, which we aim to support wherever possible. We’re even dog friendly, so you can bring Fido along to play!

Cornwall isn’t just the holiday destination it once was when it was best known for fishing and mining! In a major nod to its artistic heritage, It’s now a major creative tech hub with high speed broadband and local flight connections into London Gatwick in 40 minutes.

If you’re interested in learning a bit more about Falmouth and Cornwall, check out our jobs page, where we have included some more reading on the area:

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Top 100 Steam Best Sellers 2017

Our sophomore effort, Rising Storm 2, tunnelled its way into the Steam 2017 top sellers list.

Rising Storm 2 on the Web

The most thoroughly constructed multiplayer rendition of the [Vietnam] War I’ve played.

PC GamerPress for Rising Storm 2

The mechanics all tie together to create a
uniformly tense experience.

Rock Paper ShotgunPress for Rising Storm 2

The best multiplayer shooter set in the Pacific, and the best WWII FPS since Battlefield 1942.

PC GamesPress for RIsing Storm

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