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Antimatter Games | Development Services
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Development Services

Antimatter Games prides itself not only on the work we do for our own projects, but also for the services we can provide for outside clients. We provide an efficient, flexible service and have worked with a number of high-end clients to deliver excellent results. Here at AMG we are capable of just about any task, from providing outsourcing for art assets to coding entire games.

3D Art


Our team of experienced, passionate 3D artists have a track record of excellence working with various companies to create 3D art for projects big and small.

We can provide game-ready assets for both hard and soft surface modelling, including vehicles, weapons and characters, as well as environment art and foliage. From research and planning to hand-texturing high-quality models, our exceptional creative team has the experience and know-how to create brilliant work for any project.

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Services 3danimation

3D Animation


We can provide in-house animation for assets, with experience in animating both organic and non-organic subjects in a variety of engines and systems.

Our artists are experienced in all forms of technical and ‘pure’ animation, from the rigging of a model right through to the intricate details of how that model then behaves and interacts with its environment. This attention to detail has led to a high level of personality and realism which can be found across all AMG’s projects.

Every stage of a game’s animation can be catered to an industry-standard level of excellence at AMG.

Level Design


Level design is an integral part of what makes any game sink or swim. Having worked extensively on games like Rising Storm and Killing Floor, AMG has a track record of creating engaging, quality content in a variety of game engines.

From the technical planning stage to the actual mapping and construction of levels, our team is equipped to deal with everything from planning to execution and optimisation of game spaces. Our in-house environment artists collaborate closely with our gameplay designers to ensure that these environments look as good as they play.

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Here at AMG we pride ourselves on our ability to make things work, and the technological ability of our expert coding staff.

Adept with all Unreal technologies and capable of providing items such as custom Kismet functions and Lua script support, our team are capable of applying themselves to any problem.

From tidying up a single function to creating huge, gameplay-defining features and experiences the coding department at AMG is capable of creating, and refining, to a tried and tested industry standard.



We understand that making a game isn’t just about creativity and technical know-how; it’s also a matter of efficacy, and to that end we have our QA department.

From ascertaining which gameplay elements ‘work’, to simple bugfixes and analytics, the QA department makes sure that no project which comes through the doors of AMG goes out as anything less than exceptional.

Working with high-end clients, they have shown time and time again that they are willing to go to any lengths to ensure that whatever they’re working on is of brilliant quality.