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Antimatter Games | Internships
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Are you an exceptional raw talent looking to break into the games industry? An Internship at Antimatter could be just the experience you’re looking for!

Antimatter Games is always looking for exceptional people looking to get a start in the games industry.  Our in-office, paid internships can be in one of several different disciplines, learning from and working alongside industry professionals over a three to six month period.


We expect our interns to already be able to demonstrate a strong skillset and passion for creating games, and want to find candidates who can start contributing to our projects right away.


We offer *paid internships in the following departments:

Internships at Antimatter


Currently CLOSED to New Applications – check back again soon!


Production may not be a technical or artistic discipline like 3D Art or Programming, but we expect our Production Interns to have a strong, thorough grasp of game development and game design, as well as a strong background of working in teams and organising people to do creative work. Exceptional written and verbal communication is essential, too. We’re looking for people who can demonstrate good judgment and interpersonal skills – candidates who can fit seamlessly into the team and help our more experienced staff do their jobs as efficiently as possible.


If you think that’s you, apply here, including your CV and any supporting materials you want to include (like creative work you’ve produced or managed as part of a team – for Production applicants, this doesn’t have to be games related), along with a covering letter explaining in detail why you think you’re suitable for the role and what makes you the right candidate.


Currently CLOSED to New Applications – check back again soon!

Our programming interns need to be self-motivated, capable of working with little guidance at times, researching solutions to problems and generating creative, efficient, modular code which can fit as part of a much bigger project.


Coding skill is of course essential, but it’s just as important – if not more important – that the candidate can communicate what they’ve created, collaborating with other programmers, notating code and creating documentation which explains their work with clarity and confidence.


We currently only look for programmers with experience using Unreal Development Kit 3 or Unreal Engine 4 and a background in C++ and either C# or Java.  Applicants should also possess a basic understanding of general programming processes and methodologies. The applicant should also have a basic working knowledge of the Perforce visual client (checking in/out files, resolving merge conflicts, rolling back submissions or individual files, etc.), or failing that, another version control software package.


Applicants must apply here including a CV, covering letter and a brief portfolio including at least one game project in which you played a major technical role. Please note that we may ask for access to the source code of any application materials.

Level Design

Currently CLOSED to New Applications – check back again soon!


For level design internship applicants, we’re looking for candidates who can demonstrate a solid background in amateur level or map development with 3D game engines.


A suitable candidate will already have made (and released) custom maps on an amateur basis for a modern 3D game like Rising Storm, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, or similar games which provide access to the development editor. You should have a good level of competency with at least one of these tools, like Hammer for Source, UDK or Unreal Engine 4. Familiarity with the Unreal suite in particular is advantageous at our studio, as a good deal of our major projects use some form of that engine. You should enjoy making play-spaces for games, and enjoy working with others to test, develop, and improve ideas for how to make those spaces fun, working together to find and solve problems.


To apply for a Level Design internship, please use our application form here including a CV and cover letter, along with a link to at least one portfolio piece of a 3D level or map of your own creation.

3D Art

Currently CLOSED to New Applications – Check back again soon!


Our 3D art interns will be expected to already know how to create, texture, and prepare assets for in-game use. Simply knowing how to use 3DS Max or Maya or create high-poly assets is not enough – you must demonstrate an awareness of how to prepare assets for games specifically, ideally by showing finished assets used in a game setting. You might have modelled a house in Skyrim and put it in-game; you may have created custom assets for a student project made in Unity.


An awareness of skills like efficient UV mapping, high-to-low baking, and basic optimization are absolutely essential before applying, as is good communication and teamwork skills so that we feel confident you can work with developers and other artists to create the assets they need.


To apply, please use the application form here, including a CV and cover letter, along with a link to a broad portfolio which should include several game-ready assets for a modern 3D game engine. These portfolio pieces should include information like texture sheets, poly counts, and make an effort to illustrate the creative/development process.

3D Animation

Currently CLOSED to New Applications – check back again soon!


3D Animation internship candidates should have a portfolio of work made in Maya or 3DS Max which shows their ability to create character animations for realistic human figures, as well as a broader variety of animation sets. They should understand the main principles of animation creation from both an artistic and technical perspective.


Additional skills, like rigging or modelling, are additionally very useful. Ideally, you will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the pipeline for animation creation and implementation in game, perhaps because of existing work on amateur projects or mods for existing games. You should also have a strong interest in animation for games specifically – showreels and portfolios catered to general CG animation will be ignored.


Please apply here and include a CV, covering email and showreel/portfolio link with your application.


Currently CLOSED to New Applications – check back again soon!


Our Operations department is responsible for organising all of the business, administration, marketing, PR and recruitment at Antimatter Games.  As a result, there are several kinds of skillsets which could make you suitable for an internship with our operations department.


All candidates for Operations internships need to have exceptional communication skills, a good sense of judgement, an understanding of businesses and how they could contribute to them.


For finance and administration, you don’t necessarily need to play or truly understand games. However an organised mind for business and finance is critical. You will be eager to learn about business administration; across the areas of finance, HR, recruitment and legal practices.


Working in Operations can be a highly-varied role which requires you to multi-task and think of your feet. An adaptable and diligent attitude is vital.


Marketing candidates should have (or develop) an understanding of the games industry and its marketing. Experience in games press, community management or social media management are ideal.


You may be interested in several areas, and want to learn more about where you can best contribute.


Your CV should clearly illustrate the value you would provide to the company, with relevant experience and demonstrating a good understanding of where you could fit within Antimatter Games.   Please apply using the application form here.

In order to apply for any of the positions above, please use the application form here and which department you would like to apply for along with your CV and a brief covering statement describing why you would like to work with Antimatter and what makes you believe you would be successful in the role.


For technical and art-based roles, we would also expect applicants to provide a portfolio of work illustrating their skills and love of creating games. This can be attached to your form or contained within a link. See the details of individual placements for more details on what materials to include.


We look forward to hearing from you!



*NB: Starting salary for Interns: at least Minimum Wage for 24 yrs & under / at least Minimum Wage (National Living Wage) for 25 yrs+​​



Please note: due to the large volume of applications, we cannot reply to every contact we receive regarding internships. We consider all applicants fully and are grateful to anyone who takes the time to get in touch.