Antimatter Games are excited to announce our second update for Rising Storm 2: Vietnam will go live on the 8th of August. Along with bug fixes and changes to the User Interface players can expect to see three new map variants; VNSU-Hue City, VNTE- Song Be and VNTE- An Lao. You can check out the entire change log on our Steam.

Hue Supremacy has been altered to give the attacking US more of a chance against the PAVN defenses. An additional Grenadier and Machine Gunner slot has been added to the US side. We have also altered objective capture times to bring the map inline with our other Supremacy maps.

Song Be Territories has been adjusted in a number of ways; we’ve changed spawn protection for both US and NLF and increased reinforcements for both sides. Objective A has also seen a number of changes; most notably it having been split into two objectives. We have also adjusted character lighting on this map.

An Lao Territories now has a number of adjustments to assist the NLF; there are separate starting spawns allowing the faction to attack from multiple avenues this is coupled with the US spawn being moved back.

As with all of our changes your feedback is appreciated. Once you have played these maps please take our survey which can be found here. If you have any other feedback feel free to visit our Steam forum or our Reddit page. To keep up with all things AMG please follow us on Twitter or like our Facebook page.