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Rising Storm 2: Vietnam – 1.05: Bushranger Update

By 28th November 2017 No Comments

You call that an update? This is an update!

The 1.05 Bushranger update is here! From the 28th of November Rising Storm 2: Vietnam players will be running through the jungle as a brand new faction; the Australian Army. This free update includes six new weapons, new vehicles and three new maps! But it’s not all about the Aussies, 1.05 sees a whole host of new additions and quality of life improvements, all of which are detailed in our changelog on Steam.  

The Australian Army comes with a whole new loadout of weapons; the L1A1 Rifle, L2A1 LMG, F1 SMG, Owens SMG and the Browning Hi-Power. The United States Pointman role will also receive the XM177E1.  

Our level designers have also been hard at work making three new 64 player maps for the Australians to do battle over. Long Tan, Rung Sac and our largest supremacy map to date Operation Forrest.

As ever we appreciate any and all feedback on these new weapons and maps which you can give through our Steam Forums and on Reddit. To keep up with everything AMG please follow us on Twitter or give our Facebook page a like.