On March 6th a new update for Rising Storm 2: Vietnam will go live on all clients and servers. This update sees a whole host of new additions including changes to Skirmish mode, new maps and the usual quality of life improvements, all of which are detailed in our changelog on Steam.

Since Rising Storm 2: Vietnam’s release we have been analysing our game data and reacting to community feedback. The 1.06 changes are just the latest in community led improvements and we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your engagement and feedback.

Changes to Skirmish mode for this update include new Skirmish specific loadouts, an option to increase player count from 12 to 34 and a new XP bonus that scales with each subsequent Skirmish round completed.  

To support these changes to Skirmish we’ve added two new maps. VNSK-Temple takes the final objective of Hue City and converts it for small scale battles. VNSK-Riverside incorporates the three easternmost objectives of Song Be and is designed for larger player counts than our other Skirmish maps. Both of these maps are still very much in beta, so as with everything we release, we welcome your feedback.

Analytics and feedback have also been assisting our level designers; with 1.06 comes rebalanced versions of Cu Chi, An Lao Valley, Long Tan,  Rung Sac and Firebase.

We are also excited to release a new VNTE version of Operation Forrest extended for 64 players. With new objectives and stormy weather, we are very excited to hear any feedback for this reworked map.

As ever we are waiting to hear what you think of this new update you can let us know through our Steam Forums or on through Reddit and to keep up to date with everything AMG follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook.