The newest update to Rising Storm 2 : Vietnam is set to go live on the 25th of April. Update 1.07 will see plenty of new features and bug fixes the entirety of which are listed on our changelog on Steam.

Antimatter Games are happy to welcome community map Ninh Phu into our official line up. A huge thank you to Oakts, the community modder who worked alongside our level designers to develop this map, which won first place in our community modder contest. Though will be considered a work in progress for now we are proud to be working alongside our community and hope to do so again in the near future.  

We are also excited to introduce two new weapons. The M1 is a semi automatic .30 carbine which was the standard firearm of use for the United States Military during WWII. The version in Rising Storm 2: Vietnam will feature some field repairs by enterprising northern forces. The NLF roles which will receive this weapon are Commander, the Sapper and the Scout. The M2 Carbine is the heavier, younger brother of the M1 and features both automatic and semi automatic fire modes and a larger, newer 30 round magazine. Two roles will receive the M2, the US grenadier and the US pointman.

1,07 also features a new critical hit zone, players who are shot in the spine with any caliber weapon will now be instantly killed. We hope this addition will go some way to reward our high skilled player base.

As ever we are excited to hear what you think of this new update, let us know through our Steam Forums or on through Reddit and to keep up to date with everything AMG follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook.