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Rising Storm 2: Vietnam – 1.08 Patch – Army of The Republic of Vietnam

By 21st May 2018 No Comments

Antimatter Games are delighted to announce our most recent post launch update; 1.08 ARVN!

On the 29th of May Rising Storm 2: Vietnam players can do battle with the ARVN faction for the first time. This update includes new customisation options, new voice recordings and new commander abilities. We’ve also been hard at work creating two new maps which were locations of famous ARVN battles and five new ARVN specific weapons but more about those later.

Vietnam War buffs among us will know the ARVN as a South Vietnamese forces that battled alongside the United States against the Northern National Liberation Front. Over a million of these soldiers were at the heart of the Vietnam conflict both before US involvement and after US withdrawal. As US allies they were armed with older US military equipment, many examples of which have been added to Rising Storm 2: Vietnam including the M1 Garand, M1919 A6 MG and the Thompson SMG.

This update will also feature two new maps; VNTE: Asau a rainy night map featuring the strategically important ARVN camp on the Ho Chi Minh Trail, and VNSU-Quang Tri an early morning map set within the walls of the Quang Tri citadel.

It’s not just about ARVN! The 1.08 update has a ton of new features and bug fixes all of which are detailed in the our most recent patch notes.

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