On the 25th of July Antimatter Games release our next patch for Rising Storm 2: Vietnam. As always this patch will contain a whole host of new and updated features, for a full list please see our change log on Steam.

As and you shall receive! Update 1.09 sees the return of the one-handed sprinting for all Northern Forces as requested by the community. We have reworked and updated these animations to better fit the aesthetics of Rising Storm 2: Vietnam.

We have also introduced two new territories maps; Quang Tri and Operation Forrest. VNTE- Quang Tri features the citadel as a battleground pitching the attacking NVA forces against the defending ARVN.  VNTE-Operation Forrest is an update of the previous map with the same name, featuring new and larger objectives for the Australian Army to defend.

As ever we are excited to hear what you think of this new update, let us know through our Steam Forums or on through Reddit and to keep up to date with everything AMG follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook.