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Rising Storm 2: Vietnam – 1.10 – Multiplayer Campaign

By 19th September 2018 No Comments

On the 19th of September Antimatter Games are excited to announce our biggest addition to Rising Storm 2 : Vietnam to date. That’s right folks, Multiplayer Campaign is here! Veterans of Rising Storm and Red Orchestra may well recall how this mode of play works but if you want to brush up or if you’re entirely new to the franchise we’ve made a handy Campaign walkthrough on our Steam page. This update will also contain the usual additions and bug fixes, all of which can be found here.

The multiplayer campaign is a brand new mode of play for Rising Storm 2: Vietnam. Players can experience eleven years of the Vietnam War; from 1965-1976. Each year the players will choose a new area of the map to do battle in and which army each team wishes to use to attempt to hold the territory. Each faction also has a special ability that they can deploy at different points during the campaign. Will you change the course of history or lead the North to a decisive victory? Let us know in through our Steam Forums or on through Reddit! To keep up to date with everything AMG follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook.