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AntiMatter Games launches new website
We're happy to announce that we have launched our new AntiMatter Games website.
The World of IGI Origins Teaser
From everyone at AntiMatter Games, we would like to express our gratitude at the huge and positive response to our first gameplay reveal. 
First Official Gameplay Trailer Released
We’re really excited to reveal the first official glimpses of gameplay from I.G.I. Origins, and we’re looking forward to sharing more details as we get closer to release!
Development Update: Unreal Engine 5 and IGI Origins
Greetings Agents! In this update we bring you news regarding our move over to Unreal Engine 5 and that we will be shifting our efforts to ensure that we create the best experience for IGI: Origins!
The Team Gather In Cornwall
AntiMatter Games held their quarterly event in Cornwall which saw team members from around the UK and Europe get together.