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• Experience creating visually impressive spaces in major 3D game engines.
• Work on environment art in at least one published 3D game title for PC or consoles (not handheld/web) Along with a minimum of 2 yrs minimum experience as a paid Level Designer in a professional Game Dev Studio.
• Great modelling skills for hard surfaces – preferably using 3DSMax – and texturing, particularly with a realistic style.
• A strong understanding of the technical pipeline (and limitations) for assets used in modern game engines.
• Excellent eye for aesthetic style, colour, detail and visual/spatial storytelling.
• Good communication skills for collaborating with level designers and other artists.
• Strong understanding of how to maximise the technical elements of environmental design to increase visual fidelity.

Beneficial Attributes

• An understanding of shaders and how they are used in Unreal engine.
• Other technical skills related to environment art and visual asset creation, for example an understanding of particle effect creation pipelines, or 2D Art skills.
• A means for communicating your visual ideas effectively at the concept stage.
• Strong understanding of art pipelines and use of Unreal Engine 4.
• Experience with Substance Designer

Antimatter Games is looking for a talented environment artist familiar with 3D pipelines, 3D asset modelling and Unreal Engine 4 to join the team in a permanent capacity. The role is based in our Falmouth, Cornwall office, and will involve working with our level design team and other artists to create visually exciting and impressive spaces for our games.

Please Note: We will not consider applications from candidates with less than 2 yrs minimum paid experience as an Environment Artist in a Professional Game Dev Studio for this particular role.

Key Responsibilities

• Designing and implementing the visual appearance of maps from concept to execution, working with a gameplay level designer to create a cohesive and engaging play-space which is rich in detail and visual fidelity.
• Concept work for maps on a visual level, including using skills that help you communicate your vision to other members of the team.
• Creating key hard-surface assets and textures using 3DSMax (or Maya) and implementing them in-game.
• Identifying assets which are needed and creating briefs for other modellers, and helping to scope and plan work on environment art for titles.
• Working with other artists, and the lead artist, to make sure that all environment assets are consistent on a technical and artistic level.
• Optimising assets and maps to maximise game performance.

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