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• Credit on at least one released 3D game title on PC or Console
• Demonstrable knowledge of level design, pacing and gameplay flow
• Demonstrable knowledge of composition, lighting and set dressing
• A Minimum of 2+ years industry paid experience in Level Design specific to PC Games or Console in a professional Game Dev Studio
• Playable levels that can be shown as part of Portfolio (Mod, Custom Maps, Released Game)
• Strong team working skills
• Strong proactive communicator

Beneficial Skills

• Experience with Unreal Engine 4
• Experience with multiplayer action games
• Knowledge of 3ds Max, Maya or equivalent
• Strong proactive communicator

Antimatter Games is looking for talented, experienced Level Designers at all levels of experience (with a minimum of 2 years paid experience in a professional Game Dev Studio) to join our team for work on future projects. Permanent roles, based in our Cornwall office. We offer stability and excellent long-term prospects working in a beautiful part of the UK.

At Antimatter, our workflow is very organic, so you’ll be expected to interact heavily with the programming, design and art teams as well as with other Level Designers. We’re looking for candidates who wants to be part of a team and make meaningful contributions to how our games look and feel.

Please Note:  We will not consider applications from candidates with less than 2 yrs minimum paid experience as a Level Designer in a Professional Game Dev Studio for this particular role.

Example Duties

• Creating levels from the beginning to end (Whitebox/Blockout through to final set dressing, lighting and bugfixing)
• Creating Design Documents that effectively communicate plans for levels, areas, and gameplay features using a mixture of images and text
• Contributing to the studio’s internal dialogues on various design issues, and giving feedback and suggestions to other Level Designers on their work.

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