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Developer Dispatch - Testing '83

Play Testing

One of the most important parts of early development is testing. Here at AMG we hold weekly play tests on '83 which not only allow us to identify issues with new features but also keeps members of the team who may be on other projects to keep up to date on the progress of development. On a play test day we ask everyone to submit the features they've been working on as early as possible during the day so that our programmers can run an afternoon build. Production then make a list of changes that have occurred since we last tested create a feedback form relating to the features that have changed. This week, for instance, we were testing new role data implementations and also a new neutral test test map. After the play test is completed it is production's job to collate the forms and create actionable feedback for our developers.

Development Maps

Another way which we test new '83 features is in maps created specifically for the purpose.

'83 - three test maps

In the images you can see three such maps. The first image is out physics test bed, this is where we make sure that the ragdoll deaths of the characters are working as intended, helping our animators define any issues and test them without requiring a whole play test. Our level designers have been making a number of these maps to test all sorts of features; a shooting range to test our weapon accuracy and an obstacle course to test out crouching, prone and vaulting heights. We also have development maps to test art assets, audio and vehicles. We try to keep most of these maps as neutral as possible to enable developers to focus on the feature that they are testing.

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