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Developer Spotlight - Nate Steger - Programmer

Could you explain a bit about who you are and what you do at Antimatter Games?

Hello! I'm Nate Steger and I'm a programmer here at AMG. My job is to implement and maintain actionable items distributed to me by Production, the Creative Director or Lead

Yes, Nate does need all those screens.

Programmer. I've been at AMG since early days- coming up on 5 years! It's been nice to see it grow and be a part of helping that growth.

What does a typical day at the AMG office look like for a Programmer?

Normally, since we're all powered by caffeine, we start out with a tea or coffee followed by reviewing the current tasks we're responsible for. Currently I’m working to develop and implement key systems to flesh out a basic foundation for a game of which we can then refine and build off of and ultimately deliver the final vision of ‘83. It starts with laying a good foundation which is the state we’re at and is exciting because of all of the possibilities we have access to. As the day comes to a close we submit our work, have a few laughs and lock up until the next day.

What skills do you think makes a good Programmer?

The ability to "picture" the mechanic (or problem) in your head is a good skill. If you can understand the fundamentals, it helps a great deal. Often times I'll jot down some pseudo code or sketch up something to give myself reference. I make heavy use of our whiteboards too and this can encourage collaboration. As we're frequently multitasking, we have to be able to shift gears and then come back to what we were working on so this aids in that.

How did you get started in the games industry?

Looking for a change, I went back to school for my game design degree and found this job rather quickly. Being a hobby programmer and gamer myself it seemed to be the natural choice. I've made several small games and thoroughly enjoyed the challenge- Now I get to enjoy it daily!

What’s your favourite part of working on ‘83?

Being involved from the start is very exciting! It's fun to be a part of the team and help shape the game with some of the industries most talented people. Taking on a challenge and running with it is one of the best parts about working on '83!

Favourite ‘80s tune?

This one's a bit of a tough one but I'll say “Africa” by Toto though there are several others- It's a hard question!

Best film of the 80’s?

I'd say Alien but that came out in ‘79 so I'll go with The Thing.

Any parting words of wisdom?

Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do something, especially if it's something you're passionate about. There are always going to be people "better" than you but don't get discouraged because you'll get there. In short: Follow your dreams.

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