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  • Aymie Thompson

Welcome to our first Developer Dispatch!

Hey folks! I'm Aymie, the Associate Producer on '83, and I'd like to extend you all a very warm welcome to the first Developer Dispatch from Antimatter Games. These dispatches are to keep you informed about the development of '83 and what to expect coming soon! This week's headline has been the announcement of '83, and I wanted to take this opportunity to extend a massive thank-you to the community for the response to our trailer, and for all your well-wishes in the past week. It's been amazing hanging out in Discord with you guys, hearing your ideas, and seeing all the amazing reference you've sent through. Thank you!



The first weapon we're showing you in detail is the Russian-made AK74, which replaced the AKM as the standard rifle for Soviet troops, first seeing service in the 1979 Soviet-Afghan war. Seen rendered here with its weapon sling and iconic bakelite magazine, the AK74 is still one of the most popular assault rifles in the world today, with more than 5 million weapons produced since 1974.

'83 - AK74



Introducing one of the weapons shown in the trailer - wielded by the British forces - the L1A1 SLR (rendered here with its rifle sling). This semi-automatic 7.62 rifle was a mainstay for British servicemen from 1954, until its replacement by the SA80 in the mid 80s. Eagle-eyed viewers may notice the charging handle on this model is a Belgian metric handle, but that will be changed before release

'83 - L1A1

Soviet and British Soldiers

Our British soldier was loving christened Rodney after much internal debate here at AMG. His uniform is the cold weather parka worn by the British Army during the 1982 Falklands War.

'83 - British Faction - NATO

Our Soviet Soldier sports an Afghanka, an early 1980s uniform which saw prolific use during the Soviet Afghanistan war. This is the second version the Soviets made for winter use, very appropriate for our wintery Missle Silo map. This was the very first asset created for '83.

'83 - Soviet Faction - Warsaw Pact

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